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Welcome to our online teacher directory. Here you will find a list of teachers offering a variety of lessons and courses via Skype, Zoom or other virtual teaching platforms. Distance learning has become ever more popular in recent years, and since the onset of the Covid19 pandemic more and more students and tutors are moving online. Improvements in technology also means that learning via platforms like Skype or Zoom are much better and more reliable than they used to be.

Find an Online Teacher is a directory dedicated to helping learners connect with tutors anywhere in the world. Why limit yourself to the choices around your hometown? The Internet means you can have lessons anytime, anywhere and with anyone. The best teacher is not necessarily near you.

Why learn online?

No need to travel

With an online teacher, there is no need to leave the house on a cold evening and drive through the dark to your lesson.

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Learn Anything, Anywhere

With an online teacher you can find a time that suits you. Even if it's late at night, you can find a teacher in another time zone.

Worldwide Teachers

Why restrict your choice to a local teacher? Distance learning means you can have access to the best teachers worldwide.


Our directory lists a variety of teachers for many different subjects. Here are just a few examples.


Find an online language teacher for any language

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Photo editing

Learn Photo editing and theory online

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Computer Skills

Learn basic or advanced computer skills such as microsoft office, web design, networking etc.

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online courses

Take a full online course

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Whatever your learning needs, search our online directory for a teacher that best fits. Or simply browse through our categories and see if you find something of interest. You never know what you might find.